Making it Work is a student run project campaign, hosted by the news organization, PBS Newshour.
This one-page website was a one off design that was established through the work of the students in this organization; I simply worked with their vision for this side project, they did all the video and research work. I worked directly with the marketing directors at PBS Newshour to achieve their desired look for this particular project campaign. They were inspired by the idea of "moving gears" to illustrate how teens in all types of different situations must use ingenuity and intelligence to survive different socio economic conditions. This project took about 3-4 months of going through the design process to achieve their desired look. I mocked up this one page design for multiple user platforms (ie. mobile, desktop, etc).

"Teens growing up today face a radically different set of economic opportunities and challenges than previous generations as technology and new social norms transform the labor landscape."

***Final implementation of developed design may not perfectly match my design layouts displayed below or in case studies.
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